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Bitzee, Interactive Toy Digital Pet

Bitzee, Interactive Toy Digital Pet

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Experience a world of digital pets in the palm of your hand with Bitzee! Bitzee is the digital pet you can touch and feel. These interactive pets respond to swipes, tilts, shakes, and touch with sounds and reactions. Each Bitzee starts as a baby and, like real pets, they need love and care to grow. The more you play, the more pets you'll get! Feed them, play with them, rock them to sleep, clean up after them, and give them love. Watch them grow from a baby to an adult, and finally to a Super Bitzee! Unlock each Super Bitzee pet to discover unique outfits and games, then use treats to attract your next virtual animal. Collect all 15 Bitzee pets in your case and show off your collection to friends anywhere you go. Each Bitzee toy comes with 3 AA batteries included. Bitzee toys are perfect for boys and girls who enjoy animation, kids' electronics, surprise toys, animal toys, fidget toys, and STEM toys. Even adults will be mesmerized by Bitzee's screen-free innovative twist on 90s toys and games from their childhood. These interactive pet toys make great birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, or gifts for any occasion for girls and boys. Break out of the box with Bitzee!

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