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The Presidential game

The Presidential Game

The Presidential Game

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The Presidential is a game of strategy played with dice and chance cards on a beautifully designed map of the U.S. showing the Electoral College votes of each state. Two teams, Democrats and Republicans, fight for control of state delegations to ultimately win more than 270 electoral votes. The Presidential is an entertaining and educational family game -- fun for both students (13+) and adults. You may not know how the Electoral College works, but you'll enjoy the excitement of playing for the most powerful job in the world!

The Play of the Game

The 2 teams decide which side will be the Republicans and which side will be the Democrats. The Republicans take the 150 red votes (chips) and the 3 red dice. The Democrats take the 150 blue votes (chips) and the 3 blue dice. The teams then decide how much time there is until election day by selecting a number of weeks until the election. One each turn, each team must decide whether they will go Fundraising or Campaigning.

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